Air Conditioning - Regas or Repairs

Car Air Conditioning Regas

Car and van air conditioning is something we at Northbank Garage have specialised in for over 15 years. Whether your car or van simply needs a regas or you have a more complex problem requiring fault diagnosis, or leak detection and repairs we can help.

Many fast-fit companies just offer a regas and send you on your way. This can leave you out of pocket for the cost of the regas and in exactly where you started – with a hot car!

Our air conditioning technician has had training in commercial refrigeration repair as well as automotive training meaning a wide variety of repair and diagnostic techniques are available to us that may not be used elsewhere.

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Air Conditioning Services at Northbank Garage

Car Regas Air Con


Our air con regassing service includes:

  1. Initial pressure test using OFN Oxygen Free Nitrogen
  2. Regas to manufacturers original recommended gas quantity (litres).
  3. Installation of UV leak detection Dye
  4. Running test to check cooling function, running pressures and fans.
  5. UV lamp check to check for leaks.

We can regas any vehicle built after 1987.

Air Con Leak Detection

If you already know that your cars aircon system has a leak then we will find it for you.

We use a variety of leak detection methods including:
Pressure testing using Oxygen free Nitrogen and sensitive pressure gauges to monitor pressure drops and leak detection spray.
UV leak detection using an oil based UV dye and UV detection lamp.
Electronic refrigerant detection using a Mastercool refrigerant detection probe.

Air Conditioning Compressor

Fault Finding & Repair

Once a leak is confirmed in your air conditioning system we can then work out the most cost effective method of repair.

Over the years we have built up a base of suppliers for all types of automotive air conditioning parts so we will be able to source the part you need and the most competitive price.

Often times a repair can be carried out rather than replacing the costly core components, saving you time and money and above all, keeping you cool!

If you have any questions regarding the process we use, or queries specific to your vehicle and its air con system, please contact us. We will happily discuss options available to you.

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