Engine Diagnostics

Engine warning light on? No need to worry…

With our specialist diagnostic equipment combined with a  decade of fault finding experience we can quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair EML faults. Whether it be a faulty sensor, a fuel injector issue or a combination of faults causing problems, we can repair your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly.

Our expert technicians are trained in all aspects of vehicle diagnostics and know best how to quickly and effortlessly identify and fix even the most elusive of faults, returning your car to a normal functioning condition whilst maximising the performance and efficiency of your car.

Engine Diagnostics Problem
EML Fault

What Do We Offer?

Northbank Garage are Fully equipped with the latest Diagnostic Tools and software.

Our technicians receive regular training updates to ensure that they are able to take care of even the most modern car with the very latest features and software.

Finding the fault is only half of the problem, fixing the issue and ensuring the fault does not reoccur is the part many garages overlook. We test the vehicle again after the fault has been cleared and repaired to make sure there are no ‘related’ issues and to make sure you get your car back running exactly as it should.

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